A-Scan(Sonography Machine)

A-Scan is the single most effective solution for measuring and calculating all of your patients and refining your surgical outcomes for cataract surgery. It has the ability to measure 100% of patients and works great with dense cataracts and patients with fixation difficulties. 

Phaco Machine

It is used for cataract surgery. Modern technique of sutureless surgery through small incision and using foldable Intra Ocular Lense (IOL).

Kerato Meter

t is used to measure corneal curvature and axis measurements, which is used for calculating Intra Ocular Lense (IOL) power.

Applanation Tonometer

An instrument for determining intraocular tension by measuring the pressure required to flatten a small area of the cornea.

Topcon Microscope

It is used for minor surgeries of the eye including the lid, conjunctiva, cornea, lens .

Slit Lamp

It is used for preliminary eye examination. It enables to examine the details of all structures of eyeball.

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