Anti - Ageing Therapy and Comestic Treatment

A miraculous treatment for anyone who is conscious of their looks...

BOTULINIUM TOXIN is a natural purified protein that relaxes the wrinkle causing muscles, creating a smoothened rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. It is a simple non-surgical procedure that smoothens deep, persistent facial lines which develop over time and make us look older.

It is the only botulinum toxin in the world registered for the treatment of frown lines and approved by the US FDA. It is also now ratified by the Indian Drug Administration Authority.

BOTULINIUM TOXIN was first used to treat a common eyelid neuro-muscular disorder called benign essential blepharospasm or BEB, a neuro-muscular disorder where the eyelids involuntarily close but both doctors & patients soon realized that facial wrinkles disappeared in areas where it was injected and so started the cosmetic journey of BOTULINIUM TOXIN.

Today BOTULINIUM TOXIN is the most popular wrinkle reduction treatment not just in India but the world over. 

It is a very safe drug (in skilled, trained hands) which works locally and has no systemic side-effects. It is closest to the World Health Organization's descriptions of an IDEAL drug. 

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